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deified, the book.

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DEIFIED, the book features inspired, written, & designed material by Tramaine Townsend from his titled installation.  

30 pages, 6"x 9"

Reflective Cover

Edition of 150

PRE-ORDER – Ship date is 09/20/2019 

With our attentions spanning across multiple technological platforms at once, one thing that is key; our interests have garnered new heights. One post can signify a multitude of emotions and thoughts. Glorifying our surroundings and lives that could be more appealing than the average human. If it’s more consistent and believable, we can gain larger attention to those unknown or we feel should know. “All eyes on me(you)”

DEIFIED, the book is a continuation of the multi-sensory experience. It showcases Tramaine's vision within this installation while flourishing past, and future works. Throughout the many mediums he utilizes, creating dialogue is the most important part of his process.  Within this, he creates a movement of not having to explain to his audience. Leaving it to them to determine their inner take on a broader universe he is constructing.

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